SSgA Files for Premium Classes; Schwab Enters State AMT-Free Arena. State Street Global Advisors has filed to launch new Premium and Investment share classes on its SSgA Treasury, SSgA Treasury Plus, SSgA Government, and SSgA Institutional Tax-Free Money Market Funds. All the new classes will have $25 million minimums and 0.10% management fees. While total expense ratios aren't available, it appears that the Premium classes are meant to complement the 0.12% expense State Street ILR. State Street appears to be joining Wells Fargo, which recently launched 13 bps Select classes, UBS, which has filed for 14 bps classes, and others, in launching "premium institutional" classes with super-size minimums and very competitive expense ratios. In other news, Schwab joined the state AMT-free revolution, filing for Schwab CA AMT Tax Free Money Fund. Until now, Fidelity has had the only state AMT-free funds; it recently launched Institutional classes for its CA, MA, and NY AMT Free money funds.

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