Three-Way Tie for Year-to-Date Leader Among Money Mkt Fund Returns. According to the latest Money Fund Intelligence XLS rankings, three funds are tied for 1st place in YTD (year-to-date) total returns through June 30, 2007. At the half-year mark, Barclays Institutional MMF Inst, Credit Suisse Inst MMF Prime A, and Morgan Stanley Inst Liq MMP Inst all have returned 2.65%. American Beacon MM Select, Janus Inst Cash Mgmt Inst, Lehman Bros ILF MMP Inst (and LB Prime Inst), MS IL Prime Inst, Putnam Prime MM I, and DWS MM Series Inst all trail the leaders by a mere 1 basis point with 2.64% returns. Our Crane Money Fund Average has returned 2.42% (724 taxable funds), while the Crane 100 Money Fund Index has returned 2.49%. Money market funds have thoroughly outperformed bond funds year-to-date in 2007 (see Sunday's "Link of the Day", and are on course to return over 5% in 2007.

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