The FDIC's latest "Quarterly Banking Profile says, "Total deposits increased by $234.5 billion (2.4 percent) in the third quarter. Deposits in foreign offices declined by $45 billion (2.9 percent) while domestic deposits rose by $279.5 billion (3.4 percent). About two-thirds of the increase in domestic deposits ($183.8 billion) consisted of large denomination (balances greater than $250,000) noninterest-bearing transaction deposits, which have temporary unlimited deposit insurance coverage through the end of 2012. Three-quarters of the increase in these large deposits occurred at the ten largest banks, although more than half of all banks (55.9 percent) reported increases in these accounts. Nondeposit liabilities declined by $51.2 billion (2.2 percent), as banks reduced their Federal Home Loan Bank advances by $17.9 billion (5.2 percent)."

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