Wells Fargo recently launched a newly redesigned Institutional Cash Management site. Wells Fargo Funds Management Group Communications Manager Lauren Sawyers tells us, "[A]fter months of thorough research, deliberate planning, and intentional implementation, earlier this month we launched a newly redesigned Institutional Cash Management site where clients, channel partners and prospects can find an extensive collection of information and resources for their investing needs -- all at their fingertips in an easy-to-navigate format. The redesign process, led by E-Business, began in summer 2011 was a team effort with several goals in mind. The original site, which launched in 2006, not only needed a facelift to better align with the FMG and Wells Fargo brand standards, but also increased functionality to enhance the user experience. To get a better sense of what clients use most and where there was room for improvement, E-Business collaborated with members of the sales team.... The resulting redesigned homepage features a refreshed layout and: Streamlined, one-click organization of popular resources; A new banner and rolling promotional box that currently highlights Dave Sylvester and his highly acclaimed monthly commentary, the Money Market Fund Reform Resource Center, and a link for investors to sign up for rate reports; Easy access to fund-specific information with links to funds direct from the homepage; Homepage access to our two money market fund trading platforms, online account access and CEO Portal; A new "Fund Literature" section that now includes rate reports and Product and Service Alerts, which were previously accessible separately under Account Services; and, A new "News & Commentaries" section that now houses all timely industry news and recently published commentary in a centrally located place just one click from the homepage."

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