Fund Detail: Allspring MMF Prm(as of Jun 30, 2024)

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1-Year 2   1-Year Rank1  
3-Year2   3-Year Rank1  
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Since Inception2   YTD3  
1) Rankings within fund's type and category. 2) Annualized compound returns.
3) Cumulative simple returns. 4) Approximation; may be inexact due to rounding errors.

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Definitions & Formulas

Crane Data makes every effort to obtain the most accurate statistics possible but we cannot be held responsible for incorrect information. Information is obtained from multiple sources. Money Fund Intelligence™ is for informational purposes only and should not be considered investment advice. Prospectuses and advisers should be consulted before investing. Money funds are not guaranteed by the FDIC or any government agency and may lose value. Italics indicates dated or estimated information. Additional funds, fund types, and averages will be added in coming months. Fund: Name of portfolio and share class. We attempt to list the full legal name, but abbreviations and changes are often needed. MMF=Money Market Fund, Inst=Institutional, Govt=Government. Symbol: NASDAQ Ticker Symbol. If a fund has no ticker, we assign an ID with a number in it (e.g. AIM01). Assets: Total share class investments in millions of dollars. Portfolio assets are available in MFI XLS. AM: Average weighted maturity (in # of days). Exp%: Total Expense Ratio (after waivers) as annual percentage, includes all management, 12b-1, shareholder service and administrative fees. Obtained from prospectus, accountant, fund management company or website. 7Day%: 7-Day (SEC) simple annualized yield in percent. Dividends paid over 7 days are added, divided by 7, then multiplied by 365*100 (for %). (To compound, use the SEC's formula from Form N-1A. Effective Yield= [(Base Period Return + 1)365/7] -1) 1Month: monthly return annualized in percent. 3Mo: 3-month cumulative (unannualized) returns in %. YTD: Year-to-date returns (unannnualized in %). 1 Yr%: One year total return (annualized, compound). 3Yr%: Average annualized returns for prior 36 months. 5Yr%: Average annualized total returns for prior 60 months. 10Yr%: Average annualized total returns for prior 120 months. Incept: Average annualized return since inception. Inception Date: Fund's first day of operation. Gross7: Gross 7-day yield in % (simple), calculated by adding expense ratio to current 7-day yield (annualized).

Portfolio Composition
Treasuries ***% Government ***%
Repo ***% Certificates of Deposit ***%
Commercial Paper ***% Asset Backed Commercial Paper ***%
Time Deposits ***% Investment Company ***%
Funding Agreements ***% Variable-Rate Demand Notes ***%
Other ***%   

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