A press release entitled, "BNY Mellon's LiquidityDirect(SM) Further Expands Suite of Short-End Investment Options, Introduces ESG Analytics," tells us, "LiquidityDirect clients are now able to seamlessly invest cash in commercial paper (CP) and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) while also being able to leverage a new search application that introduces Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) ratings onto the portal. The addition of these new investment options and ESG analytics represents the next step in the expansion of LiquidityDirect, BNY Mellon's market-leading short-end investments platform, to deliver a comprehensive range of liquidity management and investment choices across the short end of the curve." George Maganas, Global Head of Liquidity & Margin Services at BNY Mellon, comments, "Clients are looking to easily access investments with different returns, terms, and risk profiles via a single platform. Our latest expansion, which follows on from the addition of sponsored cleared repo earlier this year, provides clients with industry-leading capabilities that address their investment needs via a simplified user experience. We've been listening to our clients and it's clear that today, investing is about more than just returns. We have to help clients address the ESG investment challenges they face across a range of issues, from non-standardization to securing meaningful insights on the environmental and social impact of their investments. This is why we are adding capabilities to embed clients' ESG investing criteria in their short-term cash management, helping them to connect the dots between their values and investments." The release adds, "Socially responsible and sustainable investing is of growing importance. LiquidityDirect's new focused investing capabilities, which are powered by BNY Mellon's ESG Data Analytics, help clients quickly and easily analyze ESG ratings of eligible investment options to enable alignment with their corporate social and ethical values. In addition, LiquidityDirect is increasing access to its investment platform for clients through a new collaboration with treasury workstation provider Indus Valley Partners (IVP). To date, LiquidityDirect is also fully integrated with cash management systems such as GTreasury and Hazeltree."

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