Treasury Strategies' "The New Era of Liquidity Management" Webinar. Earlier today, consulting firm Treasury Strategies hosted a WebEx seminar on corporate liquidity. TSI, which recently began its "2007 U.S. Corporate Liquidity Research Program", introduced this event, "Liquidity remains at an all time high. Companies are facing greater challenges in managing their global liquidity and effectively leveraging technology." During the Webinar, which contained discussions on online money market trading portals, sweep accounts, and liquidity management, 38% of attendees indicated that they use investment "portals". Another nugget of wisdom included the finding that sweep balances are larger than DDA (demand deposit account) balances. TSI estimated total global liquidity at $12-13 trillion (of which $5.5 trillion is in the U.S.). A link to the recording of the event and slides will be available in a week.

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