Federated Hermes posted an interview entitled, "Seeking Opportunities in a Low-Yield World ," which interviews Senior Portfolio Manager Randy Bauer. He explains, "The overwhelming presence of central monetary and fiscal intervention means, that even though credit spreads would appear to be tight by historical standards they will likely tighten more in the near future. Moreover, the continuation of that support means the potential for another correction of the type we saw on early 2020, would appear to be quite limited. And while fixed income yields are currently low by historical standards the lack of alternatives, means that investors will continue to seek yield wherever it can be found. The emergence of the global economy from the pandemic will only reinforce that." Bauer manages Federated's new Conservative Microshort Fund, its Short-Term Income Fund, Ultrashort Bond Fund, Active Cash Broad Fixed Income Strategy, Active Cash Moderate Fixed Income Strategy and Lower Duration Broad Fixed Income Strategy. (For more, see our Feb. 4 Link of the Day, "Federated Hermes Enters Conservative Ultra-Short BF Market; ICD;CAG.")

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