June 2007 Crane Money Fund Indexes Show 5% Yields Propagating. The most recent Money Fund Intelligence (July) and Crane Index publications showed money market mutual fund and "cash" averages remaining relatively steady in the month ended June 30, 2007, but longer-term returns continue to be pulled upwards. The Crane Money Fund Average, our broadest measure of money fund performance (740 taxable funds) yielded 4.80% and 4.82% (7-day and 30-day current yields, respectively, as of June 30, 2007). For 1-month, the Crane Average returned 0.40%; for 3-mos. 1.21%; year-to-date (6 mos) 2.42%; 1-year 4.94%; 3-yr 3.47%; 5-yr 2.40%; and, 10-yr 3.50%. The higher-yielding Crane 100 Money Fund Index, an average of the 100 largest funds, returned: 0.41% (1-mo); 1.24% (3-mo); 2.49% (YTD); 5.08% (1-yr, up from 5.06% last month); 3.63% (3-yr, up from 3.52%); 2.56% (5-yr, up from 2.50%); and 3.66% (10-yr). The Crane Brokerage Sweep Index, which tracks the largest "bankerage" programs, returned 2.80% in June (annualized). Contact us to see the July issue of Crane Index.

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