A press release entitled, "State Street Fund Connect Celebrates 20 Years of Continuous Innovation in Money Market Fund Trading" tells us, "State Street Corporation (STT) celebrates the 20th anniversary of its Fund Connect platform -- the leading global trading, analytics and cash management tool with access to more than 400 money market funds from leading providers. To celebrate the milestone, Fund Connect has introduced a platform upgrade with an all new user interface experience, featuring the addition of a 'widget enabled' customizable dashboard. Fund Connect entered the market as one of the first providers of an all-encompassing cash management platform. Over the past two decades, the platform has continually evolved to stay at the forefront of regulatory, industry and client needs. The portal developed several first-to-market capabilities including: end to end electronic trading, risk management functionality, automated trade settlement, and a single, global, multi-currency platform supported by local personnel in the US, EMEA and APAC." Martine Bond, head of State Street's Globallink platform, comments, "Over the past two decades, Fund Connect has focused on delivering a best-in-class, integrated platform that saves countless hours and introduces new levels of efficiencies for clients who have come to rely on us day-in and day-out. Our leading industry position is a testament to our team's ability to continuously innovate and refine the platform based on our clients' evolving needs." The release explains, "State Street has redesigned the Fund Connect platform to enhance the overall user experience and has incorporated several new streamlined functionalities, which include: A no-code, customizable dashboard allowing clients to create their own user experience; Improved page navigation and modernized graphics; and, Expanded reporting capabilities with real-time systematic updates." Gregory Fortuna, head of State Street's GlobalLink Solutions, adds, "Our team has stayed one step ahead of the digital revolution throughout the past 20 years with a key focus on building a continually evolving experience for our clients. We want to empower clients with choice and flexibility around trading styles and entry points, delivering that through cutting-edge open architecture technology. As we build on the platform, we want to continue to innovate, creating operational efficiencies through customizable, integrated solutions." State Street writes, "The latest version of this platform is now available to all current clients across the globe. Fund Connect is available for all short-term liquidity investors including corporations, asset managers, universities, insurance companies, financial intermediaries and alternative asset managers." Finally, Daniel Paredes, Senior Analyst of Treasury at Biogen, comments, "Fund Connect is an incredibly user-friendly, simple tool that facilitates our needs. As a small Treasury team, we require straightforward solutions that are constant and reliable. Fund Connect exceeds our expectations in every way."

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