A press release with the unwieldy title, "Fidelity Uses Financial Strength and Scale to Deliver Unmatched Value With First of Its Kind Fidelity Rewards+ Program," tells us, "Fidelity Investments ... today launched Fidelity Rewards+, a new program designed to give eligible Fidelity Wealth Management customers exclusive opportunities to earn and save more. To be eligible, customers must have a minimum $250,000 invested through Fidelity Wealth Services, Fidelity Strategic Disciplines, or a combination of both.... Fidelity Rewards+ features no-cost enrollment, automatic renewal with qualifying assets, and automatic upgrades to higher benefit tiers." Among other benefits, it includes: "Access to Fidelity's Higher-Yielding Money Market Funds -- Fidelity challenged conventional industry practices by automatically investing customers' idle cash into higher yielding cash sweep options available for new retail brokerage and retirement accounts. Now, Rewards+ members can invest in many of our highest yielding money market funds without the typical investment minimums, providing the potential to earn more. " The release explains, "Fidelity Rewards+ includes three levels of benefits based on assets -- Gold, Platinum, and Platinum Plus. Once customers are enrolled in the program, if their eligible assets increase to the next level, Fidelity will boost the rewards automatically." (Website ignites first covered the news in the article, "Fidelity Rolls Out Rewards Program With Money Fund Perks.") Finally, yesterday's CD News piece, "Northern Liquidating Prime Obligs; NY Fed on PDCF; Weekly Port Holds" discussed the liquidation of Northern Prime Obligations. Reueters also writes about the liquidation in, "Northern Trust shutting fund in latest prime money market stress."

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