Vanguard Stays The Course With "Keep More" Money Fund Ad Campaign. While other money market mutual fund advertising has trailed off somewhat, The Vanguard Group continues to "stay the course" with its "Keep More of What's Yours" print (and banner) advertisements. The latest spotted ran on the front (lower right) of Tuesday's "Investing in Funds" quarterly insert in "The Wall Street Journal" and featured low expenses and Vanguard Prime Money Market Fund, the No. 1-ranked fund for Individual investors (according to Crane Data's most recent performance statistics). While it remains difficult to find the fund's attractive 5.14% (7-day simple, 5.26% compound) yield, the ads continue to refer interested parties to Vanguard's "Money Market Primer", a website collection of news, resources, and recordings on money market funds. Vanguard has been advertising its money market mutual funds consistently since rates moved above 5% a year ago.

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