Valiant Funds Transfer Assets Into Dreyfus Cash Management Funds. Assets from the Valiant money fund complex have moved into Dreyfus Cash Management, Dreyfus Cash Management Plus, Dreyfus Treasury Cash Management, and Dreyfus Tax Exempt Cash Management. Rich Curcio, who started the Valiant funds in 1993, will continue to service the bank client base and will distribute Dreyfus funds via the Venice, Florida-based Integrity Investments. Standard & Poor's rated two newly-created share classes of the $7.1 billion Dreyfus Treasury Cash Management Fund (Service and Select) AAAm following the transfer of $125 million of assets from Valiant U.S. Treasury Money Market Fund. "This follows a purchase and transfer agreement whereby the Dreyfus Corp. assumed the advisory responsibilities for the Valiant U.S. Treasury MMF," says the S&P ratings release.

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