A press release entitled, "GTreasury Signs Connectivity Agreement with Goldman Sachs Liquidity Solutions," tells us, "GTreasury announced today that it has entered into a connectivity agreement with Goldman Sachs & Co. LLC (GS&Co.) and Goldman Sachs Asset Management (GSAM) to connect the Goldman Sachs Liquidity Solutions Portal with GTreasury's treasury management system (TMS). The new arrangement will create an end-to-end workflow for investing in money market funds, introducing on-demand connectivity to third-party banking and fintech services." The release explains, "The Goldman Sachs Liquidity Solutions Portal will be connected with GTreasury's workflow, creating a highly-automated process that populates common client data for powerful decision making. With a single sign-on to GTreasury, clients will be able to view the big picture of their cash positions and investments in dashboards, perform a tighter sweeping of bank accounts automatically, and enter the Goldman Sachs Liquidity Solutions Portal. Clients can then choose a money market fund from across the broad market of U.S. and international funds and execute their trades. At client instruction, data will flow automatically back into GTreasury, informing cash, investment and accounting activities." Goldman's Kathleen Hughes, Global Head of Liquidity Solutions Client Business, comments, "We're delighted to work with the GTreasury team to connect this exciting tool with our own liquidity solutions. Greater automation and integrated information will not only save time by simplifying the process but will also give corporate treasury teams the information they need to make the best investment decisions for their needs."

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