A notice entitled, "Invesco Oppenheimer Institutional Government Money Market Fund to liquidate." The release tells us, "After careful consideration, the Board of Trustees has determined that it is in the best interests of Invesco Oppenheimer Institutional Money Market Fund ('Fund') and its shareholders to liquidate and terminate the Fund. This liquidation is not subject to the approval of shareholders. The Fund will be closed to investments by new accounts after the close of business on June 27, 2019. Existing shareholders will be able to continue to invest in the Fund until the Fund is liquidated. This Fund will be liquidated on or before August 15, 2019." It adds, "To prepare for the closing and liquidation of the Fund, the Fund's portfolio managers will likely increase the Fund's assets held in cash and similar instruments in order to pay for Fund expenses and meet redemption requests. As a result, the Fund may deviate from its stated investment strategies and policies and may no longer be managed to meet its investment objective. On or promptly after the Liquidation Date, the Fund will make a liquidating distribution to each remaining shareholder equal to the shareholder's proportionate interest in the net assets of the Fund, in complete redemption and cancellation of the Fund's shares held by the shareholder, and the Fund will be dissolved. Capital gains distributions are not expected, but the liquidation may be a taxable event to shareholders. Please consult your tax advisor about the potential tax consequences. Share holders of the Fund may redeem their shares at any time prior to the Liquidation Date." See these Crane Data News articles on the Invesco/Oppenheimer merger: Oppenheimer Funds Now Invesco Oppenheimer; Dreyfus Keeping Name (6/3), Aberdeen, Fido Make European Reform Changes; Oppenheimer Merging (3/1) and Invesco Sheds Oppenheimer PMs (7/17).

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