Subscribers to our Money Fund Intelligence Daily product will notice a big jump in assets in today's file. Note that this is mainly because Crane Data added over $63.0 billion in new funds -- this is not due to a massive jump in MMF assets yesterday. Over the past couple of years, we've added batches of money funds that we hadn't previously tracked to our collections. These funds report to the SEC via Form N-MFP, and a number are internal funds. It's been over a year since we added a major batch of new funds, but we wanted to get the last large block added and over with. (These funds are already included in our monthly MFI XLS product.) We apologize for the disruption in the asset series, and we list the largest of these new funds below. (See our Jan. 5, 2017 News, "Internal and Private Money Funds Revealed" or contact us for more details.) Funds added to our MFI Daily today include (ranked by assets): Fidelity Sec Lending Cash Central Fund (FID05, $23.1B), Columbia Short-Term Cash Fund (COL01, $14.0B), BlackRock Lq T-Fund Cap (BCHXX, $10.2B), BlackRock Lq FedFund Cap (BFCXX, $6.1B), JPMorgan US Trs Plus MM IM (MJPXX, $2.5B), JPMorgan Prime MM IM (JIMXX $2.0B), Schwab US Treasury MF Investor (SNSXX, $1.5B), AB Govt Money Market 1 (AGRXX, $519M), and American Funds US Govt MMF C (AFCXX, $159M), and Semper US Treasury MMF (SEMXX, $120M).

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