Bottom Line Personal features the brief, "Yields on Money-Market Funds Finally Perk Up." It says, "For the first time in nearly a decade, yields on some money-market mutual funds are topping 1%. The yields are still far short of the nearly 5% levels available a decade ago, but if you are an investor seeking to temporarily park some assets in a very safe fund, the current yields are much more tempting than the near-zero yields that were prevalent over the past several years.... What to do.... Make sure cash at mutual fund firms is placed in a money fund, not a "sweep" account. If you don't, cash generated by dividend and interest payments may go into a sweep account, which is FDIC insured but provides tiny yields, averaging 0.11%. Choose the right money fund. Fidelity alone offers dozens, ranging from those that hold US Treasury debt to those that invest in state-specific securities that provide tax-exempt income. Funds that offer the highest yields, called "prime" or general purpose funds, can invest in a mix of ... securities." (Note: Bottom Line interviewed our Peter Crane for this article.)

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