Corporations and Nonprofits Increased Money Mkt Fund Holdings in 2006. This week, we've been recommending ICI's new "2007 Investment Company Fact Book" as a wealth of statistical information. Table 47 (p. 139) caught our eye, "Assets of Institutional Investors in Taxable Money Market Funds". It shows Business Corporations increasing their money fund holdings by 18.7% in 2006, from $331 to $393 billion. ICI also has a table showing that businesses increased their short-term assets allocation to money funds to 27% from 22% last year. (The all-time high was 28% in 2002; businesses have likely broken above that so far in '07.) Nonprofits showed the biggest percentage gain, increasing their money fund holdings 22% to almost $44 billion in 2006; Financial Institutions increased their holdings just 7% to $199 billion.

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