Law firm Dillon Eustace published, "Ireland: A Guide To Money Market Funds Under The MMFR," which reviews pending European Money Fund Regulations. They write, "After protracted negotiations, the Council and the European Parliament reached political agreement on the final text of the Regulation on MMFs (the "MMFR") in November 2016. The Council formally adopted the MMFR on 16 May 2017 following the Parliament's approval of the agreed text on 5 April 2017. The MMFR entered into on 20 July 2017 (having been published in the Official Journal of the European Union on 30 June 2017) and will become effective from 21 July 2018 with the exception of certain provisions imposing obligations on the European Commission to adopt delegated acts and implementing technical standards, which provisions came into effect on 20 July 2017. Consequently the provisions of the MMFR will not impact new MMFs until 21 July 2018 and existing UCITS and AIFs that meet the definition of an MMF under the MMFR will have 18 months (i.e. by 21 January 2019) to comply with the requirements of the MMFR and submit an application to their national competent authority for authorisation under the MMFR." The update explains, "The purpose of this briefing is to summarise and clarify the: Key elements of the MMFR i.e. scope; types of MMFs; investment policy requirements regarding eligible assets, diversification, concentration and credit quality; risk management requirements regarding portfolio rules (such as WAM, WAL and liquidity buckets), MMF credit ratings, know your customer and stress testing; valuation and dealing requirements; specific requirements for Public Debt CNAV MMFs and LVNAV MMFs; external support; transparency and reporting requirements; and, Next steps in the implementation of the MMFR." (For more information on European money market funds, ask about our Money Fund Intelligence International product or our upcoming European Money Fund Symposium, Sept. 25-26 in Paris, France.)

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