A press release entitled, "Invesco US Launches Conservative Income Fund," tells us, "Invesco US announced today the launch of the Invesco Conservative Income Fund, an ultra-short bond fund seeking to provide investors the potential for greater rates of return and yield than cash equivalent securities, yet with a lower risk profile than typical diversified short-term bond funds. The fund's investment objective is to provide capital preservation and current income while maintaining liquidity, and will invest in a diversified portfolio of short duration, investment grade money market and other fixed-income securities. However, the fund is not a money market fund and its net asset value is expected to fluctuate. "This fund can provide institutional and high-net-worth investors a compelling complement to their cash allocation with potentially lower interest rate risk exposure," said Laurie Brignac, senior portfolio manager and co-head of Invesco's North America Global Liquidity management team. Combining the strengths of Invesco Fixed Income's Global Liquidity team with the insight of the entire Invesco Fixed Income platform, the fund will use a top-down analysis of macroeconomic trends combined with a bottom-up fundamental analysis of market subsectors and individual issuers to continuously identify investable information advantages throughout a market cycle." The fund's symbol is ICIFX and its CUSIP is 46134M103. It has a minimum initial investment of $1 million and there is no reported yield yet. (The fund went live yesterday, 7/1/14.)

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