GTNews Offers a "Guide to Investing Operating Cash", underwritten by State Street Global Investors (SSgA). The description says, "This guide is written to support treasury practitioners whose responsibility is to invest short-term surplus cash. While most companies are likely to have varying cash balances over the course of a year, it is appropriate for treasurers to try to consider cash as falling into three separate categories for investment purposes: operating cash, short-term strategic cash and longer-term cash. The focus in this guide is on investing the operating cash used to finance working capital. We consider a number of key questions to help treasury practitioners to review any existing policy and processes, as well as to design new ones. The guide also includes a document highlighting the key elements to include in a standalone short-term investment policy, and the points to cover when developing investment management procedures." In other news, the ICI released its latest "Money Market Fund Assets", which says, "Total money market fund assets decreased by $17.70 billion to $2.61 trillion for the week ended Wednesday, April 9, the Investment Company Institute reported today. Among taxable money market funds, treasury funds (including agency and repo) decreased by $12.04 billion and prime funds decreased by $3.37 billion. Tax-exempt money market funds decreased by $2.29 billion."

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