A press release entitled, "Clearwater Analytics Clients Ready for Accounting Implications of Any Possible Money Market Fund Changes," and subtitled, "Daily MMF Mark-to-Market Reporting Capabilities Already in Place With SaaS Solution," tells us, "The decision by several major money market fund managers to publish the daily net asset value (NAV) of their funds signals potential disruption in the Money Market Fund (MMF) industry. While regulators have not required investors to book a floating NAV instead of a $1 per share price, a potential shift to daily mark-to-market reporting would introduce administrative, accounting, and regulatory complexities. However, clients of Clearwater Analytics, the leading software-as-a-service provider of investment analytics and accounting, are already prepared for any possible changes from an MMF accounting perspective. Daily reporting of unrealized gains/losses, regulatory disclosures, and other downstream consequences of a floating NAV can easily be accommodated by Clearwater's powerful, proprietary investment accounting solution. Clearwater already provides its clients with daily investment data, including accruals, unrealized gains/losses, and changes in cost values, as part of its holistic solution." Scott Erickson, Director of Product Management, "It's important that our clients know they can rely on Clearwater's ability to properly account for and report on their MMF investments. Any anticipated changes in the MMF industry should not faze Clearwater clients from an accounting perspective because we've taken careful measures to anticipate any scenario."

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