The June issue of Crane Data's Money Fund Intelligence was e-mailed to subscribers Thursday morning, along with our May 31, 2012 monthly performance data and rankings, our Money Fund Intelligence XLS monthly spreadsheet, our Money Fund Wisdom database query website and our Crane Index money fund averages series. (Our monthly Money Fund Portfolio Holdings with 5/31/12 data will be distributed on the 8th business day, June 12.) The new edition of MFI features the articles: "State of the Money Fund Industry: Facts and Figures," which reviews recent statistics and previews Peter Crane's "State" speech for Money Fund Symposium; "New Queen of Cash: Fidelity's Nancy Prior," our monthly fund "profile" which interviews the new Fidelity Money Market Group President; and, "MFs Not Shadow Banks, Fund Industry Tells IOSCO," which excerpts recent comment letters to the SEC and International Organization of Securities Commissioners.

Our lead piece says, "As our Peter Crane prepare to give another "State of the Money Fund Industry" talk at our annual Crane's Money Fund Symposium conference in two weeks (Pittsburgh, June 20-22), we thought we'd give readers a brief preview and show several charts included in the presentation. In addition to Crane Data's asset, expense and trend data, we also excerpt some of the ICI's latest graphics published in their annual "Fact Book.... The state of money funds, while far from strong, is not that bad considering the ridiculous amount of pressures on the business."

Our latest Profile, which we'll excerpt later this month, tell us, "MFI interviews Fidelity's Money Market Group President Nancy Prior this month, asking her about recent challenges, ultra-low rates, and regulatory reform. We also touch on the company's history, customer concerns and a number of other issues in the money market mutual fund space. Our Q&A follows."

The third feature piece in our monthly says, "We're probably not the only ones who had no idea who IOSCO, or the International Organization of Securities Commissioners, was just a couple of months ago. Though the organization doesn't seem to have any jurisdiction in the United States, you wouldn't know it from the comment letters piling up on the SEC's President's Working Group Request for Comment web page. Mutual fund companies have taken this opportunity to yet again lambast the series of radical changes to money fund regulations that have been floated by U.S. and European regulators to date, and they've also used it to refine their arguments against regulators claims that funds are susceptible to runs and are "shadow" banks."

The June MFI also contains monthly News, Indexes, top rankings and extensive performance tables. E-mail to request the latest issue. Subscriptions to Money Fund Intelligence are $500 a year and include web access to archived issues and fund "profiles". Additional users are $250 and bulk pricing and "site licenses" are available. Crane Data's other products include: Money Fund Intelligence XLS ($1K/yr), MFI Daily ($2K/yr), Money Fund Wisdom ($4K/yr), MFI International ($2K/yr), and Brokerage Sweep Intelligence ($1K/yr).

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