The New York Cash Exchange, one of the largest conferences for corporate treasurers, starts tomorrow at the New York Hilton. Crane Data is among the 50 companies exhibiting (almost 20 of them money fund or cash investment related). Peter Crane will present "Money Funds After the Makeover: Cash Investing Strategies" tomorrow at 2pm along with Federated Investors' Debbie Cunningham and Barclays Stewart Cutler. Other money fund related presentations include: Recent Regulatory Developments in the Money Market Fund Space by Roger Merritt of Fitch Ratings; The Cash Manager's Survival Guide: Are You Equipped for Unprecedented Volatility? by Michael Morin of Fidelity Investments; Why Companies are Holding Cash and What Will Get Them to Invest with Kirk Black of BNY Mellon, Timothy Hesler of McKinsey & Company, and Ronald Hill of BlackRock; Transparency in Money Funds -- The Movement Begins with Tom Nelson of Reich & Tang, and, How to Maximize Cash Today with Peter Rizzo of Standard & Poor's, Brandon Semilof of StoneCastle Cash Management and Henley Smith of Commonwealth Asset Management.

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