A press release with the unwieldy title, "Treasury Industry Leaders Counter Regulatory Reform Options with Revolutionary Self-Policing Investment Parameters as Part of an End-To-End Money Market Fund Investing Process" announced a the addition of guidelines from Treasury Strategies' white paper "The Next Generation of Money Market Fund Investing to portal provider Institutional Cash Distributors "Transparency Plus 2.1 platform upgrade. The release says, "ICD ... has integrated Treasury Strategies' new investment guideline approach for use by corporate investors as a powerful new feature in the industry leading, on-demand, compliance management and reporting application, Transparency Plus 2.1. By incorporating Treasury Strategies' guidelines, ICD is introducing the first industry application to provide treasury with an end-to-end portfolio management solution." ICD CEO Jeff Jellison comments, "The Transparency Plus system was created to provide treasurers with a means to close the risk management gaps that were so widely exposed during the financial crisis of 2008. Many of our clients were spending upwards of 80 hours per month reviewing their credit risk. Transparency Plus has virtually eliminated the manual processes associated with due diligence. Our automated tools enable treasurers to focus on analysis and decision making rather than the cumbersome processes of generating manual reports."

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