Postings continue to show up on the SEC's page for Comments on the President's Working Group Report on Money Market Fund Reform. The most recent is from the CFA Institute, which says, "While a stable net asset value (NAV) for money market mutual funds (MMF) does not accurately reflect the true value of such instruments at any point in time, we recognize the difficulties noted in the Report with forcing the $3 trillion sector to migrate to a floating NAV. Therefore, assuming retention of a floating NAV model, we believe that additional protections should be put in place to ensure that neither the sector nor individual funds are ever considered 'too big to fail.' Such protections should include a voluntary, industry-funded, risk-based insurance fund to support a MMF only in cases of fund failure. We further propose a complete review of current disclosure requirements and more clear and prominent warnings to potential investors that MMF instruments may subject investors to loss of interest and principal." The SEC has also split out a separate section on Meetings with SEC Officials. Recent meetings include ICI and Fidelity.

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