The Securities & Exchange Commission has begun posting responses on its "President's Working Group Report on Money Market Fund Reform (Request for Comment)" page. While there aren't any real entries yet (two are nonsensical and one merely says a meeting took place), there should be some real entries posted soon. (Crane Data intends to comment next week.) The "Memorandum from the Office of Chairman Schapiro regarding a November 23, 2010, meeting with representatives of Federated Investors" says, "On November 23, Chairman Schapiro, Didem Nisanci, Jennifer McHugh, Ricardo Delfin, John Ramsay, and James Burns met with J. Christopher Donohue and Eugene Maloney of Federated Investors, as well as John Hawke, Martha Cochrane, David Freeman of Arnold & Porter to discuss Federated's concerns relating to the above referenced file number as well as the process by which FSOC may designate certain entities as systemically important." In other news, see Federated's latest "Month in Cash: 'Modest' QE2's impact minimal on cash yields".

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