ICI's latest "Money Market Mutual Fund Assets" says, "Total money market mutual fund assets decreased by $33.55 billion to $2.844 trillion for the week ended Wednesday, May 19, the Investment Company Institute reported today. Taxable government funds decreased by $15.66 billion, taxable non-government funds decreased by $19.09 billion, and tax-exempt funds increased by $1.20 billion." In other news, PIMCO posted a piece entitled, "Jerome Schneider and Paul Reisz Discuss Recent Changes and Investment Opportunities in the Cash and Short Duration Markets", which says, "Due to new money market regulations and other structural changes in the cash markets, institutional and retail investors are focusing more intently on their short-term liquidity needs and investment options. Jerome Schneider, deputy head of PIMCO's money market and funding desk, and Paul Reisz, money market and enhanced cash product manager, provide an overview of the recent developments in these markets -- including changes in 2a-7 money market regulations -- and the impact on yields and cash investment strategies."

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