We recently learned of yet another name change in the money fund business. After seeing the website had changed, we searched SEC filings and found that Accessor Government MMF has changed its name to Forward Government MMF. The filing says, "Also at the January 13, 2010 meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Trust, the Trustees, including all of the Independent Trustees, approved, on behalf of each of the Funds: (i) the replacement of the word 'Accessor' in each of the Funds' names with the word 'Forward'.... Accordingly, effective May 1, 2010, all references in the Prospectuses and the SAI to the current names of the Funds shall be changed to the new names set forth opposite their current names below: `Accessor U.S. Government Money Fund [to] Forward U.S. Government Money Fund." The Accessor change follows Invesco removing the AIM from its funds and Columbia switching to BofA funds. Look for the new fund names and lineups to appear in the May issue of Money Fund Intelligence and MFI XLS, and in today's issue of Money Fund Intelligence Daily.

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