American Banker writes "Broken? For Money Market Funds, It's a Time to Grow". Last week's article takes a contrarian view and says, "Observers expect still more growth, especially at the industry's biggest firms." It quotes Lloyd Wennlund, an executive V.P. at Northern Trust Global Investments, "A lot of people thought money funds as we knew them were in trouble -- maybe not dead, but definitely troubled. But ultimately, I think it allowed the substantial players in the money market fund space to rise to the top of a crowded field." The piece also quotes Goldman Sachs Asset Management's David Fishman, State Street Global Advisors' Steven Meier, and Fidelity Investments Charlie Morrison. American Banker says, "Observers expect the large industry players to emerge from the crisis in better shape than before, though the same will not be true for the Reserve Fund." Also, see "Money-market funds are suddenly exciting" and WSJ's "Government Holds Strings to Markets".

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