Morningstar Fund Spy writes "The Broken Money Market Model", saying, "There's a debate going on today about the future of money market funds. It's one that's been brewing for years, but only began boiling in the fall of 2008 when a portfolio under the Reserve Fund banner proved a lot riskier than its nurtured reputation and 'broke the buck' -- its net asset value fell below the requisite $1 per share. The question now at hand is how to prevent the kind of catastrophic money market disasters that we nearly saw in 2008 <b:>_." Also, see the `(Canadian) Globe and Mail's, "Say adios to money market funds". Finally, see ICI's weekly "Money Market Mutual Fund Assets", which says, "Total money market mutual fund assets decreased by $8.00 billion to $3.798 trillion for the week ended Wednesday, April 29, the Investment Company Institute reported today. Taxable government funds decreased by $4.95 billion, taxable non-government funds increased by $2.14 billion, and tax-exempt funds decreased by $5.19 billion."

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