"Money-Market Funds Waive Fees to Boost Yields" writes Kiplinger's, saying, "The borrower's boon is the saver's bust: With yields on short-term Treasury bills stuck near zero percent, money-market funds that hold these securities are struggling to keep their returns positive, after fees. Some funds are investing in longer-term securities, which extends the average maturity of the fund and garners a little extra yield without compromising safety." Also, USA Today writes "S&P 500 is at risk of hitting a new low as angst persists", which says, "Investors are piling into assets viewed as havens, such as short-term Treasury bills and gold, as well as cash. In mid-February, there was nearly $4 trillion parked in money market mutual funds, vs. $3.4 trillion a year ago, according to Crane Data." "Several hundred billion is true cash seeking shelter," it quotes Peter Crane.

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