Qatar's Gulf Times features a Reuters-written article, "Credit crunch crushes money market fund myth", which once again confuses "enhaced cash" and "money market" funds. The article quotes Isabelle Demoliere of Fortis Investments UK, "The enhanced money market funds industry has experienced huge outflows. There have been dramatic shifts in terms of liquidity." The piece adds, "But liquidity did vanish rapidly. As a result, in Europe, at least a dozen enhanced money market funds were suspended or liquidated after their net asset value fell up to 20% in some cases, according to Fitch Ratings. It also quotes Fitch's Abisodun Soetan "Enhanced yield funds (are) probably the worst casualty.... The reason they struggled so much since the crisis is there was a mismatch between investor and fund objectives.... Investors could've asked the question on how and where these yields have been enhanced."

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