The following is excerpted and updated from our May Money Fund Intelligence, which was published yesterday.... The first issue of Crane Data LLC's flagship Money Fund Intelligence was published two years ago to the day. At the time, the newsletter was a mere 8 pages and covered only the 150 largest money market mutual funds. But the company, founded by money fund expert Peter Crane and computer and statistics guru Shaun Cutts, benefited from excellent timing. Money fund yields were approached 5% and cash was coming back into vogue. Over our first two years, MFI has quickly expanded into the most widely read publication in the money markets and money fund industry, with over 700 readers.

On our 2nd birthday, we wanted to familiarize new readers and visitors with our mission to bring "faster, cheaper and cleaner" money market and mutual fund information to both investment professionals and investors. While we intend to cover and track everything related to money markets, savings, and mutual funds, our core focus has and will be on money market mutual fund performance and the money fund business. Crane Data LLC's website,, now hosts over 1,300 visitors a day. While the majority are still money fund professionals, the site is seeing growing interest from the institutional, and retail, investor community, as well as from issuers, regulators, and services. This growing "nexus" of money market people and information is what makes our products and company special.

We've taken pride in breaking a number of news stories impacting the money fund industry, and we've particularly enjoyed our position as a "debunker" of incorrect information during the most recent liquidity crisis. We will do our best to continue to arm industry participants and the public at large with accurate facts and figures on money market mutual funds and money fund investing. Please keep the tips and information coming!

We hope you've enjoyed Money Fund Intelligence and so far! (If you're not already, we hope that you'll consider subscribing and supporting us, particularly if you're a regular user of the free site.) We will continue to pursue our mission of faster, cheaper and cleaner money market mutual fund information. Crane Data would like to thank our subscribers, supporters, and information providers. We owe you a debt of gratitude, and we look forward to serving you in the years ahead. Please don't hesitate to contact us if we can be of assistance. Sincerely, Peter G. Crane, Founder, President & Publisher, Crane Data LLC

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