Putnam Navigates Market Turmoil, Says Educating Clients Big Challenge. Each month, Money Fund Intelligence profiles a different money fund and family, discussing tactics and trends with portfolio and sales management. The February issue featured Putnam Investments, celebrating its 70th birthday, and the top-performing Putnam Prime Money Market Fund. Joanne Driscoll, managing director and money market group head tells us, "We were able to navigate the turmoil, and because our portfolios were not stressed, we were able to take advantage of many market opportunities." She also says, "I think another large challenge in today's market is educating the investor base. Many of the institutional assets are sold through portals, which does not always allow for direct client interaction by the investment manager.... We need to educate our clients that not all structures are created equal and that there are a lot of solid asset-backed CP programs that have performed as we have expected." VP Ben Filmore adds, "By leveraging our fixed income capabilities and the fine performance in our retail money market funds, we've been able to develop and market world-class, top-performing institutional money market products." Contact Crane or Putnam for a full copy of the profile.

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