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Highest-Yielding Money Market Funds ranked by 7-Day yield ( as of July 29, 2014 )
Institutional Money Funds 7-Day Yield%
Meeder Money Mkt Fund Inst (FFIXX) 0.11
BlackRock Cash Inst MMF Inst (BGIXX) 0.10
DWS Daily Assets Fund Inst (DAFXX) 0.09
BlackRock Cash Prime Inst MMF I (BPIXX) 0.09
Fidelity Inst MM: MM Port Inst (FNSXX) 0.08
Retail Money Funds 7-Day Yield%
Meeder Money Mkt Retail (FFMXX) 0.06
Schwab Cash Reserves Fund (SWSXX) 0.06
PNC Money Market A (PEAXX) 0.03
Delaware Cash Reserve A (DCRXX) 0.03
HSBC Inv Prime Money Mkt A (REAXX) 0.03
Tax Exempt Money Funds 7-Day Yield%
BMO Tax-Free MMF I (MFIXX) 0.04
Western Asset Inst AMT Free A (INMXX) 0.04
FFI Inst Tax Exempt (MLEXX) 0.03
Western Asset Tax-Free Res A (LWAXX) 0.02
BlackRock Lq MuniFund Dol (MFDXX) 0.02

Money Market News

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A critical piece of the SEC's money market reform rules is a proposal by the U.S. Department Treasury and IRS to allow floating NAV money market fund investors to use a simplified tax accounting method to track gains and losses and provide relief from the "wash sale" rules for any losses on shares of a floating NAV money market fund. In a July 23rd release ("Treasury Guidance on Accounting for Gains and Losses in Certain Money Market Funds") that coincided with the SEC's vote to adopt money fund reform, the Treasury Department wrote, "Today's guidance is proposed rather than final to provide the public an opportunity for comment. Nevertheless, shareholders in floating NAV MMFs can now rely on these proposed regulations to begin to use the simplified method." (See the Treasury's "".)

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Inside Money Fund Intelligence

MFI PDF July 2014 Issue

Largest Money Fund Managers

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The July 2014 issue of Money Fund Intelligence features: “MMF Reform Regulations Delayed; Stalemate Part II?,” which discusses the delay and possible stalemate of money market reform; “Fidelity’s Nancy Prior Says Black Clouds Parting,” which summarizes the keynote speech from Fidelity’s top money fund leader; and, “State of Money Funds: Highlights of Symposium,” which reviews a number of sessions from our recent Money Fund Symposium conference.

Each monthly issue of Money Fund Intelligence features news, performance information and rankings on money market mutual funds. Statistics include: assets, weighted average maturity, weighted average life, expense ratio, 7-day yield, 30-day yield, 1-year, 3-yr, 5-yr, 10-yr, and since inception return, as well as 7- and 30-day gross yields. MFI also contains tables of the top-yielding and the largest money funds, and our benchmark Crane Money Fund Indexes.

Subscriptions are $500 a year, and include online access to archived issues and additional features. Bulk discounts and site licenses are available. Write or call 1-508-439-4419 to subscribe or to request more information.

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The table below is excerpted from our monthly spreadsheet product, Money Fund Intelligence XLS. It shows the largest money market mutual fund managers as of June 30, 2014. (MFI XLS contains percentile rankings, fund family rankings, "shadow" NAVs, portfolio composition, and more).

Excerpt from MFI XLS

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Crane Data is a money market and mutual fund information company founded by Peter G. Crane and Shaun Cutts. We collect money market mutual fund, bank savings, and cash investment performance, statistics, and information and distribute rankings, news, and indexes.

Crane Data publishes Money Fund Intelligence, Money Fund Intelligence XLS, Money Fund Wisdom, the Crane Money Fund Indexes, and a series of products tracking money markets, mutual funds and cash investments. We also produce conferences, including Crane's Money Fund Symposium. For more information and samples, e-mail or call us at 1-508-439-4419.


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Jul 25
UBS Hires Finch for EAMA

UBS Global Asset Management hired James Finch as Head of Global Liquidity Management, EMEA. Finch is based in London and reports to Joe Abed, Head of Global Liquidity Management.

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Jul 14
ICI Names Blass Counsel

The Investment Company Institute named David Blass its General Counsel. Blass is currently chief counsel and associate director of the Division of Trading and Markets at the Securities and Exchange Commission.

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Jul 09
Invesco'​s Taylor Retires

Invesco's Dave Taylor, who managed the Dublin and Luxembourg-registered "offshore" money market funds, will retire and will be succeeded by Paul Mueller we learned from an article in FT Advisor.

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European Money Fund Symposium

Our second annual European Money Fund Symposium will be held Sept. 22-23, 2014, in London at the London Tower Bridge Hilton. (Visit for details and to register.) Also, Crane Data's next "basic training" money market mutual fund course, Money Fund University, will take place Jan. 22-23, 2015, in Stamford, Conn. (Watch for the agenda soon and visit for details and to register.) Contact us for sponsorship info or speaking opportunities. Finally, thanks to those who supported our Boston Money Fund Symposium! Our next big show will be June 24-26, 2015, in Minneapolis, Minn. Contact us for more details about these events or to request the latest PDF brochure. We hope to see you in London in September or next year in Minneapolis!