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ve ve been involved in running cash since the beginning of time. We now have the oldest
version version of that when clients of the Putnam Institutional Prime Money Market Fund ultimately became
versus basis versus what seems to be pretty stable and growing potential with the NY Fed .
viabil viability of the unwind process . Even if it s only on a temporary overnight basis
volatil volatility and the lack of liquidity that was evolving in some of those issuers names
v.p V.P. C.I.O. for Global Money Markets Deborah Cunningham . Our Q A follows. Tell us about
waiver waivers which are not losses but they are reduced profitability. That s in the context
walk walk a tightrope between the relationships that we ve developed and want to maintain and continue
want want to make sure that we continue to do our jobs along the analyst side
weigh weigh heavily on how banks are issuing and what they re issuing As you well
well well know banks are a large portion of most prime fund holdings. Are you using
whatev whatever the market is providing . Unfortunately over the course of the last six years the market
whole whole lot. But nonetheless that s still the goal of a cash to provide safety
without Without that gate being imposed there could have been worse problems in the marketplace from
wood wood that is true. We ve never had to get parental support and never had defaulted
work worked. As long as it s not a credit problem the gates and fees work
year years of history at this point. We ran cash before we even had funds so we had risk
yield yields are the biggest challenge . Definitely supply and regulation are challenges also and rank up there
yr yr which was originally published on March 7. This month MFI interviews Federated Investors Executive